# Robert Koch-Institut API (v2)

A JSON Rest API to query all relevant corona data for Germany based on the figures of the Robert Koch-Institut.

cases 🤧 - deaths ☠️ - recovered 🟢 - R value 📈 - week incidence 📅 - time series 🗓 - states - districts - vaccinations 💉 - maps 🗺 - PCR-tests - age groups 👶👩‍🦳👴

https://api.corona-zahlen.org (opens new window)


Due to the high traffic on the server the requests are limited to 15 requests every minute. If you need more requests, you can host the server yourself.

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# 🇩🇪 Übersicht

  • Anzahl der Infektionen, Todesfälle, Genesenen
  • 7-Tage-Inzidenz Wert
  • Neuinfektionen, neue Todesfälle, neue Genesene (Differenz zum Vortag)
  • R-Wert (Reproduktion)
  • Impfquote
  • Werte für jedes Bundesland und jeden Landkreis
  • historische Daten für Deutschland, jedes Bundesland and jeden Landkreis
  • Karten mit Bundesländern und Landkreisen
  • Anzahl der wöchentlich durchgeführen PCR-Tests, Anzahl der positiven Tests sowie der Positiv Quote
  • Fallzahlen und Todesfälle pro Altersgruppe

# 🇺🇸 Overview

  • cases, deaths, recovered
  • week incidence
  • new cases, deaths, recovered (difference to yesterday)
  • R value (reproduction)
  • vaccinations
  • data per state and district
  • time series for every state and district
  • maps for states and districts
  • number of performed PCR-test, number of positive tests and positivity rate
  • cases and deaths per age group

# Endpoints

# Data sources

Time series data

https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgis.com/datasets/dd4580c810204019a7b8eb3e0b329dd6_0 (opens new window)

States data

https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgis.com/datasets/ef4b445a53c1406892257fe63129a8ea_0 (opens new window)

Districts data

https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgis.com/datasets/917fc37a709542548cc3be077a786c17_0 (opens new window)

Vaccination data

https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Daten/Impfquotenmonitoring.xlsx?__blob=publicationFile (opens new window)

R value

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/robert-koch-institut/SARS-CoV-2-Nowcastingund-R-Schaetzung/main/Nowcast_R_aktuell.csv (opens new window)

Testing data

https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Daten/Testzahlen-gesamt.xlsx?__blob=publicationFile (opens new window)

Frozen-Incidence data

https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Daten/Fallzahlen_Kum_Tab.xlsx?__blob=publicationFile (opens new window)

Age groups

https://npgeo-corona-npgeo-de.hub.arcgis.com/datasets/23b1ccb051f543a5b526021275c1c6e5_0 (opens new window)

# Host it yourself

# Requirements

  • Docker runtime
  • Docker compose

# Start Server

  1. Setup docker-compose.yml:
version: "3.8"
    image: redis
    container_name: cache
      - 6379
      - redis-net
    image: marlon360/rki-covid-server:v2
      - "8080:3000"
      - redis
      - REDIS_URL=redis
      - redis-net
  1. Start Server:

docker-compose up

Now you can access the server at http://localhost:8080.

# Project Showcase (projects using this API)

Add your project by opening an issue with your project details! (opens new window)

# License

rki-covid-api by Marlon Lückert is licensed under CC BY 4.0